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DB is a one of a kind unorthodox chef. Unlike most chefs he didn’t go to culinary school, or learn through kitchen experience. He obtained his skills through his own personal trials and errors. DB stepped on the food scene in 2018 selling food from house once a week on Friday. Not having many friends or knowing people in Vegas, DB looked to social media as a means to get the word out. As his popularity began to blossom so to did his skills in the kitchen. Coming up with never seen before dishes and treats such as; peach cobbler nacho’s, deep fried king crab out of the shell, the gold sauce for his crab boils, bayou fries, soul rolls , and more! He gained recognition from celebrities and athletes alike and soon became known as Las Vegas Best Chef. Within 2 years of selling plates from his home, chef DB opened up his first brick n mortar DB’s Cajun Kitchen on February 12, 2021. It has quickly become a staple in Las Vegas and has exceeded expectations across the valley. Vegas finally has a restaurant they can call their own!

About The Chef: About the Chef
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